Chaos Blast (カオスブラスト) is a variation of Chaos Control that only Shadow the Hedgehog is known to use. This move was introduced in Shadow the Hedgehog (game), and was originally designed to be used when his heart was full of evil. However, due to modifications through several games, Shadow can now use it without commiting any acts of evil and is only required to charge enough energy, or enter his Chaos Boost form. Its appearance is literally a great shockwave of Chaos Energy that destroys everything within 20 metres. During the development of this move, Shadow's eyes and stripes begin to glow. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Shadow could preform this move at the cost of 6PP without a Chaos Emerald. Interestingly, the move was depicted as a beam of energy instead of a shockwave. In Sonic and the Black Knight, this move is called: "Aura Bubble" due to the move looking more like a bubble than an explosion.