Hi, I'm Akamia, the founder of SSN. I am writing a small set of rules for this wiki, so listen up!

No Cursing!

Even on the Shadow game article. censor the words with asterisks (*). Also, if you curse in a talk page, then you will be banned for two weeks, a month if it's severe enough.

Keep it as simple as possible

I want this wiki as tidy as possible, a big article will appear about ⅛ of the time, so if you see one, divide it into smaller articles if necessary.

Keep Fanon in userspace

Seriously! Keep it in there! This is not a fanon wiki! Also, if you want, we have some Fandom forums for co-operative fanons. That forum is the only other place fanon is permitted.

No attacking users!!

If you do, you will be banned for 3 weeks. Infinte if it's severe enough, Oh and...

No sockpuppetry!

I will ban duplicate accounts and warn the real ones if I catch any sockpuppets.

No personal opinions on mainspace articles (this includes speculation)

Yes, this is talking to you, iLike. Keep those in userspace!

And last, but not least...

Listen to staff and admins! We will be tough as Gorilla Glue if we have to, so make sure you follow these rules!

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