Space Colony ARK is a large Space-station and laser weapon created presumabely by Gerald Robotnik. The Space Colony ARK could also be considered the 'birthplace' of Shadow the Hedgehog.(Also being a stage for the game,Shadow the Hedgehog.(The ARK) (Basically also being shown in other levels like Cosmic Fall,Space Gadget,The Doom and Lost Impact.

History Edit

Sonic Adventure 2 Edit

In the game in which it debuted, the ARK is largely used as Eggman's base of operations. He uses the Eclipse Cannon equipped to the ARK to take the world hostage, forcing them to bow down to him. However, once the 7th Emerald is installed, things go horribly wrong. A video is shown of a now insane Gerald proclaiming his hatred for the world, stating that the ARK will crash into the world, destroying it. As the ARK flies towards the Earth, the heroes and villains work together to stop the ARK. However, the Biolizard, a prototype of The Ultimate Lifeform, uses Chaos Control to attach itself to the Eclipse Cannon (Becoming Finalhazard) and pull it towards the Earth. However, before the world can be destroyed, Finalhazard and the ARK are stopped by the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Shadow, who Chaos Control the Space Colony back into orbit, saving the planet.

Shadow the Hedgehog Edit

In this game, the ARK also plays an important role. First, the ARK serves as a stage simply called "The ARK". However, it's original use is revealed in the Last Story. It is revealed that, before Maria's death, Gerald created the ARK to destroy the Black Comet and the Black Arms. After defeating Devil Doom, Super Shadow pulls the Black Comet out of the Earth and sends it back in to space. Afterwards, Super Shadow Chaos Controls into the ARK's control room, and uses the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet, fullfilling its purpose.


The ARK's appearance in Sonic X

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